Ernesto Neto

The work, 'The Weight, the Time, the Body, the Moon and Love…Wow!' (left, top) was made by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto.


He described his works as an “exploration and a representation of the body’s landscape from within”. The soft and organic object created a dramatic contrast to the old and cold high-ceiling building gives a weird intimate excitement.


This unusual man-made shape questioned the association of human body with the external environment, the concept of space, which I assume was also the attempt of exploring the human’s emotion towards it. To me, the hanging shapes look organic but are artificial. They are like stomachs or breasts linked to consumption and digestion, a notion I tried to capture in my own work, using blown sugar and mosquito netting.


I also like both the duality of revealing and hiding, and the notion of using light creatively, such as the use of shadows, to create atmosphere, which I have explored in my work with candy floss.


Another work work by Netto uses a drum and two balls are suspended from the ceiling. A document invites people to throw them against the instrument. Drawing people in through curiosity and reaction, it asks them about the difference between them and an artist. They, Neto believes in an echo of Beuys, are now artists too.