fairy liquid

A fairy liquid washing-up liquid bottle is a familiar everyday domestic object. In this piece it undergoes a transformation and becomes unfamiliar. Something we think we recognise has changed, it's practical function obfuscated.


This work demonstrates the untapped potential in the everyday along with playful irreverence. Invoking the profoundly human act of play it brings those who encounter it into a visceral hereness.


There's a desire to combine physical form with active energy in this experiential piece.

The result is smell, form and sound combining in a mesmerising way. The foam and bubbles accumulate, swelling to form an ethereal mass, (almost like cells within the body) expanding and creating an uncanny scene. Continually in motion the work at times appears to be breathing, a slightly unsettling experience.


This work is transitory in nature and impossible to preserve. No bubble can avoid the cycle of creation and extinction, mimicking our own physical bodies.

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