Moths depict change. They are associated with the notion of transformation, given the metamorphosis they go through during their lives; the caterpillar exists before changing into a moth.

The moth’s cocoon is like an internalised womb with a hard casing, affording shelter against the elements, an analogy for protection.


This transformation of caterpillar to moth can provide a symbol for ideas relating to death, burial, and resurrection, so can be seen to represent the ultimate transformation from life to death. The Greek word 'psyche' means soul, the invisible entity which occupies the physical body and a departed soul is often represented symbolically as a moth.


Moths are nocturnal, flying by night. They are physically drawn to light which makes them vulnerable, as this fixation leaves them exposed to predators. When they're indoors it can feel like a visit from an otherwise invisible, external world. The presence of moths indoors takes us out of the realm of the ordinary and into the sphere of the eerie and uncanny.



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