I led and directed five people in a choreographed ritual I devised. The choreography came from different Maypole videos I sourced online. The participants were a combination of classmates, friends of classmates and respondents to a poster I had made. I hadn't intended for the participants to be solely women performers but it's what transpired and it ultimately gave the performance a particular timbre – the piece became gendered.


I organised a space for us to practice and made a 'rehearsal pole' from a 12 foot plastic pipe which I transported across London on the train. I was trying as much as possible to create conditions as they would be on the day of the performance.


Rehearsals had to be planned well in advance, to ensure I had everyone on board for the dates, as this piece was dependent on the participants. It really was a group effort, so I was clear about commitment to rehearsal dates from the beginning, which everyone made, much to my relief.

In this collaboration with other artists, some from other disciplines, I was effectively project manager. I planned and organised rehearsals, co-ordinating between the group in order to manage the project effectively. I think this element of the project demonstrates my ability to work well with others.