Pipilotti Rist

Cited as “the world’s most colourful artist” [1]  who created “one of the most life-enhancing art experiences” of 2014 [2], Pipilotti Rist is a moving image artist who often displays her work as large-scale projections.


Rist began making super 8 films. They are short using a mix of colours and sounds and explore issues such as  gender, and sexuality. Her films such as Pour Your Body Out (7354 Cubic Meters), described as “bringing the world right up your nose, radically, uncomfortably close in a boldly feminist way”[3] and Ever is Over All, a slow motion film of a woman smashing the windows of pared cars with a steel flower are generally only a few minutes long. However, they contain such saturated colours, with mixed speeds, superimposed images and mesmerising, composed soundtracks they are hyper-real and completely immersing.  


Rist’s work often concentrate on the female form, shown either in slow-motion or in close up so as to alter perspective, so that although we know what we are seeing, it becomes slightly disconcerting. This is often combined with the super-bright colours, for example of contrasted images of blooming plants.  


Rist’s work is not just about the films themselves but how they are displayed. She projects the work, often very large-scale such as for her London exhibition, Worry Will Vanish. On entering, visitors were asked to take off shoes and encouraged to sit of lie on thick, soft carpets and blankets as the images were projected on the surrounding walls.


Environment affects perspectives. Rist’s close ups became closer still; the design and layout of the space is carefully considered down to the texture of the walls on which the images are projected: the environment in which it appeared became intrinsic to the work.




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