The themes of transformation, seduction/repulsion as well as notions of desire/consumption were central in my mind when continuing my experiments with blown sugar.


I was aware that when placed in their mosquito net 'pocket' my blown sugar vessels had an apparently stable form, whereas to handle they were rather fragile. Especially while holding sugar syrup, despite their mass they had an instability and vulnerability.


I chose a mosquito net as a support for the sugar forms as the purpose of the net is to catch parasites. It was while considering sugar as a parasite I started experimenting with the net. I wanted to allude to the opposite of something that nourishes and feeds.


The sugar spheres, suspended in the mosquito net, dropped mainly on their sides, suggesting organic forms such as breasts or stomachs when filled with liquid. As they floated on their sides they moved towards a state of decomposition. The sugar makes a sound as it drips to the floor and leaves a visual trace. The sense of transformation in the piece is dominant.


As sugar is a processed foodstuff, it could be seen to be in a process of digestion. It could be suggested this mass produced substance is a form of pollution to the stomach and body.


I think this has been the most successful so far of my experiments with sugar, in terms of communicating ideas around transformation, seduction and repulsion. I like the idea of relatively simple transformations of materials or shifts in context opening up new possibilities.


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