Sugar blowing documentation

My initial attempts at blown sugar weren't successful. I watched lots of videos on the internet but couldn't successfully create anything that lasted. I decided to seek professional help and after some research contacted the UK Pastry Club Coupe Du Monde who kindly put me in touch with Alan, a Sugar Artist in Reading.


After contacting Alan with an introductory email we arranged to meet up in his kitchen where he gave me a demonstration of working with sugar as well as lots of tips. Sugar can be temperamental to work with, it's affected hugely by temperature and humidity so these factors must be considered when making and storing blown sugar. Alan suggested using a desiccant and storing in an airtight container.


Burnt hands can also be an issue and Alan advised using suede gloves to minimise this. Blown sugar is the most difficult sugar art to master because you need a great deal of control over the material, which requires practice for at least six months according to Alan. I've now been trying for five and have not yet achieved Alan's standards..